Yaz Yasmin MDL Update from Springfield MO Yaz Lawyers

The current multi-district litigation (“MDL”) concerning Yaz and Yasmin against Defendant Bayer Healthcare is moving forward in the United States District Court for Southern Illinois.  (MDL #2100).  As Springfield MO Yaz attorneys, we are filing cases in the MDL for our clients throughout Southwest Missouri, and the entire nation.  There are currently 13,500 plaintiffs in just the federal MDL, with other consolidated cases in New Jersey and Pennsylvannia.  Women who took the birth control Yaz or Yasmin or the generic Ocella have suffered many health problems linked to the drug: deep vein thrombosis (DVT) blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, and complications related to these clots.  There are also possible links to other health problems.  In September 2011, the Food and Drug Adminstration issued an updated warning as to the blood clots.  If you or a loved on have taken Yaz or Yasmin and developed bloods clots, a heart attack, stroke, or DVT, then you should call Springfield MO Yaz lawyers at Preston Law for a free medical record review and case evaluation.  Many women have already received settlements from Bayer and if you wait too long, you may forever lose your right to file under various states’ statutes of limitations.  As Springfield Missouri Yaz lawyers, we are currently representing women in their settlement talks with Bayer.  The MDL litigation, which originally had trials scheduled for early 2013, has postponed these trials while settlement discussions occur.  These lawsuits are against the manufacturer only and you do not have to sue your local doctor or OBGYN.