What Damages Can you get for Personal Injury in Missouri?

What is the value of a personal injury case in Missouri? Missouri law allows similar damages for your personal injury case whether you are injured from an auto accident, semi-truck accident, motorcycle accident, dangerous product or drug, or a slip and fall. Regardless of how you were hurt you can generally obtained damages for 1) Medical Bills (past and reasonably certain future costs); 2) lost wages (again past and provable future damages); 3) loss of household contributions (ability to work around your house); 4) loss of enjoyment of life; 5) physical pain and suffering (past and future); and 6) emotional distress, if medically recognized. These types of damages are called compensatory damage to compensate you for your personal injury. If the actions leading up to your injury were intentional, or showed a conscious and reckless disregard for other’s safety (such as drunk driving or assault), you may also be able to obtain punitive damages to punish and deter the defendant from hurting you or others. As Springfield Missouri personal injury attorneys, we can help you analyze the damages in your specific case.