Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits In Missouri – An Update from Springfield MO Vaginal Mesh Lawyers

According to recent reports in various news outlets, it appears that CR Bard and other manufacturers of vaginal mesh and pelvic mesh implants accused of injuring women have entered into talks to talks to settle these pending claims.

Lawyers for Bard, Endo Health Solutions Inc., Boston Scientific Corp., and other companies making vaginal mesh implants to support women’s pelvic muscles and to treat incontinence have begun talks about settling all of the suits involving these products. There is currently a multidistrict litigation (MDL) pending in front of the Honorable U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin sitting in West Virginia. Other cases have been filed in New Jersey, Missouri, and California.

Currently there are more than 30,000 implant suits filed that have been consolidated in the multidistrict case in front of Judge Goodwin for pretrial discovery. If settlement talks are successful, over 50,000 cases may be able to be resolved without expensive and time consuming litigation.

Again according to recent n reports, Bard’s implants of been targeted for more than 12,000 lawsuits, while Boston Scientific faces approximately 12,000 lawsuits over its vaginal devices. The Endo American American Medical Systems unit faces about 13,500 vaginal mesh claims between its state and federal suits. Other manufacturers face other claims. Johnson & Johnson faces approximately 12,000 claims through June 30, 2013 according to a recent regulatory filing. Many manufacturers of these devices have quit selling them on the open market. The FDA has required new regulatory burdens on these manufacturers including keeping close records as to the rates of failure and the complications they may cause.

If you have had a vaginal mesh implant or other support device from any manufacturer and had complications of any kind, please call Preston Law for a free consultation. Time deadlines for vaginal mesh claims depending on the state you live in may be coming up soon. You should immediately contact us if you believe you have a claim.