Metal on Metal Artificial Hips – Springfield Mo hip replacement defect attorneys

Metal on metal artificial hips are very common.  As Springfield Missouri artificial hip defect lawyers, we see increasing numbers of people calling to discuss hip defects and hip recalls.  Metal on metal hips and other hip defects have come from the following manufacturers and products: DePuy Pinnacle, Wright Profemur, Zimmer, Stryker, DePuy ASR, BioMet.  Side effects from defective hips can include: terrible pain, difficulty ambulating, metallosis, periprosthetic osteolysis, metal poisoning with excessive cobalt/chromium, and revision surgeries for failures.  If you or a family member have developed severe problems from a metal on metal hip implant or have had any problem after a hip surgery, you should contact the Springfield Mo attorneys at Preston Law for a free medical records review to determine if you have a legal cause of action against the manufacturer. You do not have to sue your doctor or change doctors if you have a lawsuit.   We are representing people throughout Missouri on these claims.  If you have had a revision or replacement surgery, you should immediately contact our office to determine your legal rights and when you statute of limitations may forever bar your claim.  We are Springfield Missouri hip recall and hip defect attorneys, and we are available to discuss your potential case for free.