How Do Springfield Personal Injury Lawyers Value My Injury Case

As Springfield Missouri personal injury attorneys, the lawyers at Jensen law try to analyze your personal injury case using several time-tested factors. First, we analyze the pain and suffering that you have suffered due to the physical injury itself. This analysis includes physical pain, nerve injury, loss of use of range of motion, loss of strength, difficulty performing daily tasks, interference with sleep, etc. 

Second, we look at the amount of your medical bills. More medical bills are an important factor that many juries look at when deciding your case. Under current Missouri law, the jury will look at the gross amount of the medical bills charged by the medical providers, and will look at the amount actually paid by you personally, your insurance company, or Medicare or Medicaid. It is very important that medical doctors testify as to what they believe the reasonable medical bills are for the jury to understand the real value of the medical services for your personal injury. 

Another important factor is the interruption of your ability to earn income. A personal injury that prevents you from working and earning money is often times viewed as more severe then an injury that does not prevent you from working.  These factors are not an exhaustive list, but will give an injured person a starting point from which to ask their Springfield Mo injury lawyers about the value of their personal injury case.

Finally, the effect of the injury on your mental health is oftentimes important to a jury. Physical pain and suffering often times leads to emotional distress and permanent difficulty in dealing with family and friends.

As Springfield Missouri personal injury attorneys, we can help analyze your case and give you an opinion as to its value. Once that value is established, our personal injury attorneys can then seek from the insurance company the compensation you deserve.