Dangerous Drugs

Dangerous DrugsAt Preston Law, we help people who have been injured or who have died from potentially dangerous drugs such as Lipitor, Yaz, Actos, and anti-depressants. Many drug manufacturers have placed products in the marketplace without proper warnings of the dangers of the drug. We work with lawyers all over the country on these complex cases.


If you are a woman who took Yaz, Yasmin or Ocsella for birth control, you or a loved one may have a claim for damages against the manufacturer if you experienced any of the following while taken the drug: Deep Vein Thrombosis, Blood clots, Heart Attack, Stroke or Death.

We are Springfield Missouri Yaz injury lawyers and can evaluate your case for free.


If you are a diabetic who took Actos and developed bladder cancer, you may have a claim for money damages for personal injury, negligence, failure to warn, or wrongful death. The Food and Drug Administration has increased its review of the use of the drug Actos, and medical studies have shown a strong link between use of Actos and increased risk of bladder cancer. Some studies put the increased risk at three times more likely if taking Actos.  If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer and took Actos, or are the family member of someone who died from bladder cancer who took Actos, you should contact us.

We are Springfield Missouri Actos injury lawyers and can evaluate your case for free.

PAXIL, PROZAC, ZOLOFT, CELEXA, LEXAPRO, EFFEXOR and other anti-depressants

If your child was exposed to Paxil or other SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) anti-depressants (Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro, Luvox, or Effexor) while in the womb because the mother was prescribed an anti-depressant, your child may have a claim for money damages. Paxil has been linked to birth defects, including heart valve problems, septal defects, heart problems, and heart mumurs. Paxil has also been linked to Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (PPHN), Craniosynotosis, mental retardation or developmental disability, Omphalocele, cleft palate, club foot, limb defects, lung and kidney problems.  If your child has been diagnosed with any of these problems or died as a result of these problems, you may have a case for monetary damages.

We are Springfield Missouri Paxil injury lawyers and can evaluate your case for free.


Many women have had surgery for pelvic organ prolapsed (“POP”) or stress urinary incontinence.  During this surgery, some women have a vaginal mesh implant, bladder sling,  or vaginal mesh sling. Complications from this mesh implant can include pain, bleeding, vaginal shrinkage, painful intercourse and urinary problems. The mesh can erode causing organ damage and destruction of tissue.   If you have had a vaginal mesh implant or bladder sling at anytime, you may have a case for money damages.  We are Springfield Missouri Vaginal Mesh lawyers and can evaluate your case for free.


We are Springfield MO Mirena attorneys.  We are representing women who have been injured by using a Mirena intrauterine device (IUD).  Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc is the manufacturer of Mirena.  Mirena has been linked to: cervix perforation, uterine wall perforation, travelling of the IUD to other parts of the body, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ectopic pregnancy, sepsis, device expulsion and infertility.  Some women have had to have surgery to remove the device when it came loose, and moved.  Mirena is a hormone reservoir designed to release a hormone over as long as a five year period.  The device is a small T-shaped plastic frame.  The IUD has been around since December 2000. An application has been filed to consolidate all federal cases in the Northern District of Ohio.  State cases have been filed in New Jersey, and elsewhere.  We are representing women from all over Missouri in these cases. If you or a loved one have been injured using a Mirena IUD, please call our Springfield Mo Mirena lawyers at Preston Law for a free medical records review and case evaluation.  If you have a case, we represent you on a no fee unless you win basis.  You do not have to sue your local doctor or OBGYN to pursue your case, only the manufacturer, Bayer.  There are time limits to file a case so don’t delay calling our Springfield Missouri Mirena lawyers for a free consultation.

LIPITOR (atorvastatin) and DIABETES IN WOMEN

If you are a diabetic who took the drug Lipitor at any time prior to developing diabetes, you may have a claim against the manufacturer, Pfizer, for failure to warn or an unreasonably dangerous product.

Millions of users of Lipitor are learning about the connection between Lipitor and diabetes in women. Several medical studies have shown that use of the drug Lipitor may cause diabetes in women, especially post-menopausal women. In July 2013, the US Judicial Panel and Multidistrict Litigation will decide whether to consolidate and centralize all Lipitor diabetes cases in the federal court system in a multi-district litigation (“MDL”).  It is widely expected that a Lipitor MDL will be established since there will be a large number of cases. Pfizer has sold over $125 billion worth of the drug Lipitor and literally thousands upon thousands of people have taken it.

If you or a loved one have developed diabetes, you may have a claim for substantial compensation.  We are Springfield Missouri Lipitor attorneys and are willing to evaluate your case for free. If you have taken the drug Lipitor and were later diagnosed with diabetes, you should contact Preston Law for a free consultation and evaluation of your case. At this time we are only taking cases involving women of any age.

Does it cost anything for me to speak with your firm?

At Preston Law, we only get paid if you get paid. We work on a contingent fee basis that explicitly states that you owe us nothing for attorney’s fees if we don’t collect for you. Hiring a lawyer is a personal decision, but at Preston Law we have a team of four lawyers and a large office staff of experienced legal professionals, all armed with expert knowledge dangerous drug litigation. Our goal is always to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries through trial or the settlement process. We practice throughout all of Missouri, but our office is located in Springfield, Missouri. We regularly handle cases in the surrounding areas including: Ozark, Nixa, Branson, Joplin, Monett, Neosho, Bolivar, Camden, Nevada, Lamar, Lebanon and Mount Vernon.

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